Green Economy and Energy Working Group


The purpose and role of the EGE WG is taken from the mandate of the broader BRICS Business Council but is specific to the energy and green economy sectors.  The EGE WG mandate is therefore to identify key areas related to the energy sector where it makes sense for the BRICS country business to work together in areas of mutual interest and benefit in order to strengthen and promote economic, trade, business and investment ties among the business communities of the 5 BRICS countries.



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Strategic Focus Areas

The objectives of the working group are:

  • Identify key areas of focus in the framework of a 5 year work programme, where collaborative work in the EGE sectors can be undertaken, to facilitate increased trade and investment
  • Identify policy blockages and make recommendations about how they can be dealt with
  • Identify and facilitate on the ground projects

South African Energy and Green Economy
Working Group Leaders


Mr. Brian Dames

Chief Executive Officer

African Rainbow Energy and Power (Pty) Ltd

Deputy Chairperson

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